Welcome to the New World!

So I’ve been thinking and could use some help fleshing out certain pages. If you guys wanted to do a bit of the leg-work for me I think we can award some XP for it.

Things that need attention:

  • The adventure log is barren and lonely, anyone up to updating it with the events so far? Bonus XP if you do an in-character log. If several people update it individually I have no problems with that either.
  • Various race pages. Some aren’t even created yet, others have places that need some loving care. Here’s the list again: Dwarves, Elves, Bastarian, Elves, Illyrian, Gnomes, Halflings, Humans, Lustrean, Orcs, and Svirfneblin. I could really use some critique on the Svirfneblin page. If you guys want to create new content for any of those pages I’ll be very happy, just try to keep the same style as on the Dwarves or Elves, Bastarian pages.
  • Felderin and Teabottom could use a bit of work. I’m kind of looking at certain people for them but I don’t care who contributes.

Note that anything I don’t particularly like will probably be changed, though I doubt you guys would do something specifically to muck around with stuffs. :)

Let me know what you’ve done in the Comments page, heck even edit this page. Just do something to inform me so I can award XP!

Open the New World

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