Open the New World

A Fighting Chance
The Fight Begins (Part 3 of 3)

After many days of practicing and fighting, Kaza steps into the ring with Jim again. This time with a short sword in one hand and the khukuri in the other. This time Kaza charged at Jim and sliced him with both blades, catching the warrior in the arm and leg. Jim retaliated with a devastating blow of his own catching Kaza in the chest, this time however Kaza withstood the blow and kept up with his own as he moved around Jim in a whirl of blades.Jim fell to his knee and gave up the fight, covered in cuts all over.

Alastor walks into the ring, a huge grin on his face.“Finally, it took ya forever tah beat Jim and he is just an apprentice like yah. But, at least yah finally gotta grasp of what I’ve been tryin’ to teach yah. If yah want to learn more, come on back and we’ll show yah the fight of your life!”
Alastor let out a long laugh and patted Kaza on the shoulder.

Kaza left the embassy with a smile on his lips and a hunger for some adventuring in his heart, and this time maybe he will be able to stay awake to witness it.

The dawn of a world of hurt...
The fight begins...(Part 2 of 3)
Kaza meets Alastor in the hall of the Teabottom Embassy. Alastor leads him into the barracks and training area of the Melendar Ironpots. “So, I, see yah carry swords? Well, lets see how you use them. Hmm… Jim! Get over here and try to smack some sense into the new trainee.” Alastor bellowed. From the back corner, a halfling walks into the training circle. He was missing an eye and wore chainmail and a hauberk of the Ironpots. In his hands was a rather painful looking maul. Alastor declares " The first of yah two ta get knocked out loses, last halfling standing wins. So… what are yah waitin for!? Get on with it!" Kaza takes the first attack and catches Jim in the chest with one of his swords. The blow however, is deflected by the chainmail. Jim counters and Kaza barely dodges the maul as it grazes his chest and sends him spinning in the air. However, Kaza deftly lands on his feet and with his acrobatic skills, gets around to Jim’s back. He stabs at Jim and gets through the chainmail, leaving a deep gash in Jim’s side.

Right after this though everything goes black for Kaza as Jim’s maul catches him right in the chest knocking out like a cheap date.

Kaza wakes up a few days later…"uh, what happened?
Alastor replies, “Ya were clubbed like a baby seal, thats what happened. However, yah seem to be like Them, dodging about tryin’ to sneak around and hit them where it hurts. I found the perfect style to teach you while you were takin’ your beauty sleep. I’m going to teach you the ways of the dual blades. Also, I’ll be training you on takin’ more hits as well.”

Over the few days. Alastor trains Kaza in using all martial weapons, the use of different types of armor, and dual wielding weapons. Also, during this training Kaza gets heartier.

Finding a man (or halfman) of arms
The fight begins...(Part 1 of 3)
In the human city of Melendar, Kaza searches for the halfling embassy in the noble area of the city. It is easy to spot with the distinct banner of Teabottom draped above the door, a black teacup above above an red iron pot and a golden kettle, all on 2 green swords crossed on a blue background. The tea cup represented the Teabottom family, the pot represented The Ironpot family, and the golden kettle represented the Goldkettle Family. Kaza hurries and finds enters the large wood doors of the embassy, and enters the chaos of nation at war as clerks and halfling citizens are running back and forth begging and finding news of their families in Teabottom under the goblin assault. However, one halfling in particular draws his eye. This halfling was sitting in a chair with a large scowl on his face dressed in thick plate mail and carrying a pair of axes at his side and a large cross bow leaning against the wall.

He looked almost like a small dwarf except his beard was properly trimmed and clean. His amber eyes seemed to examine the room. The only thing about the armour was that it did not have the emblazoned red symbol of the Ironpots, but a black kettle was there instead.

Kaza walks up with his head up high and asked the question trembling at his lips, " Beg pardon, but are you one of the Ironkettle Trio?" The Ironkettles were a trio of Goldkettle brothers that did not want anything to do with Gods or Holy mumbo jumbo and joined with the Ironpots learning the ways of fighting as soldiers. The armored halfling gets up, “Aye, I am Alastor Goldkettle, eldest of the Ironkettle brothers, left in charge of this borin’, half crazed mess of a place, while ma brothers are off fightin’ tha goblin hoard at Teabottom. Tha stinkin’ Teabottom senator thought it was best ta’ let me be in charge of tha defense of this place instead of earnin’ my mettle with mah metal. Great honor he says’ bah! It’s a load of bollocks if yah ask me.”

“I am sorry for your predicament but can you help me? You see, I want to learn to use this.” Pulls a khukuri from his pack “I thought it would just like wielding a knife but I almost ended stabbing a dwarf with it.” " So I went about looking for a teacher, someone who could teach me how to fight, the halfling way. So I please I beg of you for the honour to learn from you."
Kaza falls to his knees in front of the halfling weapon master.

“Wait a second, aren’t ya that Kaza Firechili from the Festival race. You are!! I could recognize that firey crow’s nest of hair from a 100 yards. Well, I don’t usually do this, but you showed some grit at tha race, even though ya still lost. I going ta’ teach ya the ways of all weapons. Ya best be getting back home, getting every bit of sleep ya can. Because tomorra’ and the next few days after that, I am going to put ya through the worst days of your life and ya will thank me for it. Meet me here tomorra morning and bring your weapons and armor, ya will need them.”

Kaza thanks Alastor generously almost losing his own arm trying to shake him and goes off on his way and prepares for the next day with excitement and terror.


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