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  • [Town Crier] There is a larger bounty upon the head of the Bastarian Renald. After his daring caper robbing some of the wealthiest and most influential people in Melandar society there is no lack of funds to reward any who bring Renald to justice. Rumour has it he’s escaped Melandar and moved east toward the Teabottom Lighthouse, there fortifying his position.
  • [Personal Letter] King Boldhammer is on his death-bed, the future of the his vassals is uncertain with the death of both his sons. It is said the Brasitis has travelled to Felderin to see the King.
  • [Personal Letter] There have been some abductions from the streets of Melandar. A man named Jon is investigating these disappearances and looking for help.

Feel free to add any other adventure leads overheard in-game, remember to include the source in square brackets first.

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