The Red Island

The Yellow Hand once controlled these islands but lost it during the Red War. The system of islands are now controlled and run by the Red Army, a Communist government.

The victors always write the history and such is the case for the Red Island. The Red War was not always known as such. This story begins with the discovery of the islands by lustrean explorers who found the islands around the same time other lustreans found the new world. However, the lustreans were loath to discover that the islands were inhabited with orcs, whose skin instead of green was a rusty red. Instead of fighting however, these orcs seemed intelligent and offered to co-exist with the humans. Thus began the glory days of the once known Isle of Radiance.

About 10 years later, with the grit and strength of the orcs and the imagination of the humans, 4 main cities, were built representing each different groups that governed the isle, The Yellow Hand were in control of the merchants and trading and lived in the city of Emberage on the east where the mines were located. The Red Army, controlled the military and the law, comprised mostly of Orcs and some of the more bestial monstrous races, they lived in the canyon town of Rustridge. The Green Cloaks controlled the forestry, hunting and ranging, they were humans who were at piece with the forests and were taught the ways of the druid by the orcs. They lived in the forested community of Brackenbranch. Finally, were the humans who lived along the coast, known as the blue bloods, they controlled all the passage off or on the island. They lived in the simple town of Sharksend.

Control of the Island was passed every year going from yellow to blue to green to red and back to yellow. After 20 years of this, the greed of the yellow hand finally took hold and they staged a coup, taking control of the island and its resources after appealing to the most base urge of most intelligent creatures, the shine of gold. They bought key individuals, who had control over the more intricate aspects of the other three groups. During the reign of the yellow hand, many despicable acts occurred, torture and public execution became a common occurrence as those who didn’t comply were struck down or imprisoned.

Then, after 3 years of these atrocities, the remains of the 3 groups joined together and waged a revolution, The Green Cloaks experience in the forest allowed them to make guerilla attacks on the supply routes of the Yellow Hand, while the Red Army savagely attacked the Yellow Hand’s hired mercanaries, battling to stand still after stand still, while the Blue Bloods struck from sea. The war of the guilds, as it was known to the islanders, waged on, until the city of Emberage was sacked and most of the Yellow Hand was killed or surrendered. The war pushed the guilds to the brink of exhaustion.

This is when the Red Army struck the hardest, unknown to the Green Cloaks or the Blue Bloods, the Red Army used the alliance and the war to take back control of the island. The orcs after seeing the actions of the humans, believed that the Lustreans’ arrival tainted the island. They hid most of their forces in the mountains. When Emberage was taken they marched into the city with orcs ogres and giants and proceeded to wipe out the remaing forces of the guilds, any human caught was given a choice live as slaves or die like dogs. The two guilds fought on though they were outnumbered, and as the remaining guilds lost battles their few members lost hope and surrendered.

The Red Army struck all the other guilds out of the history books and began to write about the glorious history of the Red Island as if it has been their forever.

The Red Island

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